Climate Change is a reality and is one of the biggest challenges that the world is facing. The Rosherville Group of companies recognises that we have a social responsibility to improve the lives of local residents through our services and as such, will ensure that our activities align with the Net Zero ambitions of the shareholder, Gravesham Borough Council, wherever possible.

All Rosherville entities will use their best endeavours to take action to reduce carbon emissions from its operations and help make Gravesham a cleaner and more pleasant place to live in the short term through:

  • Ensuring that all of our procurement activities promote sustainable processes throughout the entire supply chain, including the use of environmentally-friendly materials.
  • Where we work with third parties to bring forward large-scale developments, ensuring that the Shareholder’s net zero ambitions are considered to make sure. these developments are as carbon efficient as possible.
  • Ensuring that emissions from our own operations are minimised as far as possible, for example through the use of electric vehicles where appropriate to do so.

The Rosherville group of companies are committed to promoting action to limit Climate Change throughout its activities.