I am delighted to be able to announce that enabling work has recommenced at The Charter, our build-to-rent development of 242 apartments in the centre of Gravesend, ahead of the resumption of main construction in the coming weeks.

Portrait of a male wearing a suit jacket and white shirt.

Jamie Izzard, Chairman Rosherville Limited

Since the scheme’s original main contractor Henry Group went into administration and given the challenges facing the construction sector at the moment, together with our development partners Reef Group we have been taking great care to find the right people to take on the development on.

With advance teams on site, we expect work to proceed at pace, with completion expected in early 2026.

As part of our role as the commercial trading company of Gravesham Borough Council, I would also like to take this opportunity to address some of the more outlandish theories surrounding the development that have been circulating on social media in recent weeks.

As we have consistently said, The Charter is not being built by, is not owned by, and is not being made available to Lewisham Council or any other local authority, London-based or otherwise.

Nor will the apartments be available to accommodate asylum seekers.

There are no tunnels, smugglers’ tunnels or otherwise, beneath the development, threatening the foundations.

The foundations themselves are sound, none of the construction is misaligned, and whilst there will need to be some remedial works to the interior and exterior of the building due to water ingress, there is no requirement for the concrete frame to be taken down.

The structure already built is not leaning, and the top two stories do not need to be removed.

Construction did not stop because asbestos was found in the ground.

There has been no use of incorrect concrete, RAAC or otherwise, during construction.

Construction stopped purely and simply because our original contractor ceased trading and it has taken time for us to find the right partners to take the project on.

As we get closer to completion, the apartments will be marketed locally first to give Gravesham residents every opportunity to make their home at The Charter.

Artist impression of a new property in Gravesend